'Charming Beauty' Double Late Flowering Tulip

A closer look at 'Charming Beauty' tulip from Johnny's

I'm here at the end of our tulip trial talking about some of our later flowering double tulip varieties. This variety in front of me is 'Charming Beauty'.

'Charming Beauty' is a really full flowered double variety. The petals open with a kind of ivory and cream and then as they continue to unfold, they take on more of an apricot peach tone. Then as the blooms continue to mature, you'll see even more deepening of that apricot, peachy tone on the bloom. It's a really nice progression on the flower color and there's a lot of interest and nuance there. The flowers are also lightly fragrant, which is really nice.

They sit on kind of tall, sturdy stems. One other thing about 'Charming Beauty' is that some of the plants produce multiple buds or flowers per stem. Something like this right here. You probably will see that on some of the stems. Not all of the plants do that, but some of them do which can add a little bit of visual interest to this variety as well.

One other thing to note, too, about 'Charming Beauty', since it is a later flowering double, it flowers at a similar time to 'Crème Upstar', which is this variety right next to it. The plant height and the bloom form and the bloom quality are very similar on these varieties. I would say the biggest difference between them is the the color range. 'Charming Beauty' is a little bit more peach and a deeper yellow and brings in a little bit of a warmer tone, whereas 'Crème Upstar' is a bit paler yellow and ivory and definitely is more pink than peach. Hopefully that comparison is helpful.

Again, this is 'Charming Beauty', a later flowering double tulip variety, beautiful peachy cream and pink blooms and it's a nice way to end the tulip season.

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