'Sensual Touch' Double Late Flowering Tulip

A closer look at 'Sensual Touch' tulip from Johnny's

We're looking at some of our later flowering double tulip varieties and this variety in front of me is 'Sensual Touch'.

This is a really full double variety. It's kind of just starting to open up right now. So most of these blooms are not fully open. But you can see it produces a really full large bud that slowly opens up into a really warm combination of rose and gold and coral and apricot.

And then one unique thing about this variety is that the edges of the petals are fringed. And so that gives a really nice textural look to these blooms.

So again, this is 'Sensual Touch': sturdy stems, really full double blooms with a little bit of fringe around the petal edges, and a little bit of a later-flowering a double variety.

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