'Dordogne' Tulip from Johnny's Selected Seeds

I'm here at the end of our tulip trial talking about some of our later-flowering tulip varieties. This variety right in front of me is called 'Dordogne'. 'Dordogne' is a single late tulip; it is a single flower and it blooms in late May in our trials. It is also called May flowering or French tulips.

These single late varieties tend to have that really kind of classic egg-shaped bloom and sit on nice long sturdy stems. This variety is really beautiful just in the coloring of it; it opens with orange and then the petals kind of deepen to a little bit of a rose color as the blooms mature. Overall, it just has a really beautiful glow to it.

It just reminds me of a beautiful summer sunset and is a really nice way to end the tulip season. Again, this is 'Dordogne'. It's a single late tulip variety. It's one of our later tulip varieties and is a really good choice for some late color to round out the tulip season.