Video: 'Marie Jo' Tulip from Johnny's Selected Seeds

A closer look at 'Marie Jo' tulip from Johnny's

I'm here in our tulip trial. The variety in front of me is 'Marie Jo'. This is a double-flowering tulip. This is typically one of the earliest doubles to flower in our trial.

There are a couple things about it that are really special.

You can see the really bright, glowing yellow color — great for early spring.

Then the blooms are really nice and fully double, with multiple layers of petals. They open wide, to about 3–4" wide, when they're fully open.

They have a really nice fragrance, as well. I think that they're one of the most fragrant tulips that we have in our trial. It's a really nice, citrusy scent.

They also have long, tall straight stems. This bloom right here is definitely past the ideal harvest stage, but if you were looking to harvest for markets or bouquets, something a little closer to this is what you would look for.

Again, this is 'Marie Jo':

  • nice long stems;
  • early flowering double;
  • beautiful golden color —
  • and a really nice variety!
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