'Marit' Darwin Hybrid Single Tulip

A closer look at 'Marit' tulip from Johnny's

I'm here in front of a later flowering Darwin Hybrid variety. 'Marit' flowers a little bit later and it's a little bit shorter than other Darwin hybrids like the Impression series. However, it has a really classic, elegant bloom shape. The blooms are really nice and full and open into these beautiful kind of globe shaped round blooms that hold their shape really well as the flowers mature. And then they sit on nice, sturdy, stocky stems that support these blooms really nicely.

The color is a beautiful kind of cherry red at the center of the petals, and then it lightens to sort of a glowing apricot at the edge and then the interior of the bloom as also a really nice rich, warm gold and apricot color.

One other thing to note about 'Marit' is that some stems produce a side bud along with the main flower. Not every stem, but probably 15% or so of the plot will produce a side bud as well.

So again, this is 'Marit', classic bloom shape, sturdy, stocky stems and a little bit later flowering for a Darwin hybrid variety.

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