'Mondial' Tulip from Johnny's Selected Seeds

I'm here in our tulip trial looking at some double flowering varieties today. This variety in front of me is 'Mondial', and if you are looking for a classic white tulip, then this is a really good choice. The buds open with a little bit of green on the outside edges of the petals, but then as they mature. It's just a really beautiful, solid white variety.

The blooms when they're fully open will get 3 to 4 inches wide if you're leaving them in the garden. They also have a really nice light, citrusy fragrance to them as well. The stems are tall and sturdy and support these blooms really nicely. This is a probably mid flowering double tulip. It flowers a little bit later than 'Marie Jo' and 'Verona', but a similar bloom form to both of those varieties and a really nice, clean, classic white tulip.