'Foxtrot' Fragrant Double-Late-Flowering Tulip

A closer look at 'Foxtrot' tulip from Johnny's

I'm here in the tulip trial in front of 'Foxtrot'.

This is a really nice, double flowering pink variety. Just a couple things to note about this variety. As the buds form and when they're a little bit younger, they're more of a light ivory cream color with a little bit of green on the outside of the petal edges. Then as the blooms mature, they take on a little bit more blush on the edges of the petals and then a darker pink in the center. The bloom color changes a little bit as the flowers mature, which is really nice.

You can see in this planting the the plants themselves aren't very tall, but as you pull them out of the soil, there is quite a bit of stem length below the soil. You can get a little bit longer stems that way. I think what this variety lacks in height, it does make up for in sturdiness of stems. That's one of the things that's really nice about this variety. They've got these nice, sturdy straight stems that that hold up really well. Again, it's a nice early-flowering pink.

This plot right next to it is 'Finola'. 'Finola' is a later flowering pink double variety, and it's just starting to crack color here. You can see 'Foxtrot' is in full bloom right now a little bit early and it's going to be a nice transition from 'Foxtrot' into 'Finola' in a few more days.

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