'Silver Cloud' Triumph Tulip

A closer look at 'Silver Cloud' tulip from Johnny's

We're taking a look at triumph tulips this morning. And this variety in front of me is 'Silver Cloud'.

This is one of my favorite varieties, mostly because of the color of these blooms. It's a really beautiful combination of lavender and cream and a little bit of green, and you can start seeing the color as soon as the buds start showing color.

As the blooms continue to develop, the colors shift and change a little bit. But overall, it's a really beautiful combination of more subtle colors than you might expect to see in tulips. Another thing that is unique about this variety is the color of the stems; the blooms sit on these really dark purple stems.

The bud shape is also unique. The elegant and streamlined shape of the bud is really nice. These plants are a little bit shorter and the stems and blooms are a little bit smaller than a lot of other triumph tulips. However, the coloring, the shape of the blooms, and the dark color of the stem all make this a really special variety.

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